10 Fun Activities To Experience In Wonderful Bergen

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10 Fun Activities To Experience In Wonderful Bergen

1. Mount Floyen – Hike

Watch the city sparkle in the deep hues of orange during the sunset from Mount Floyen. One of the convenient ways to Mount Floyen is by using the funicular railway, Floibanen, which links the city center to the Floyen mountaintop in only 6 minutes. At the peak of the mountain, you will experience splendid views of Bergen along with the beautiful islands located in the vicinity.

Floyen is a perfect destination for hikers, bikers, and adventurers. En-route, the majestic hillsides, valleys, mountains, forests, and small lakes will leave you awestruck. You can also go for a Vidden Trail between Floyen mountain and Ulriken mountain. Likewise, there are several guided 2-hour hike trails and bike rentals available for you. Floyen also offers several attractions for kids too like climbing playground, lake paddling, zip line park, and wildlife. It will be one of the best day trips from Bergen.

2. Bryggen – Explore

Bryggen, a place of enchanting dimly-lit facades and wooden alleys, features as a primary attraction in the list of what to do in Bergen Norway. A part of the UNESCO’s World Heritage List, there are various magnetisms in the area like fort, cafés, posh dining, and shops selling the traditional and unique local crafts and Norwegian specialties like hand-knitted pullovers and jackets made of reindeer skins and moose. Have a great time exploring the vibrant Bryggen.

3. Hanseatic Museum – Peep Into The History

Want to enjoy a peep into the palatial offices and quarters of the apprentices, farmers, and fishermen of that age? Head to Hanseatic Museum. Your Bergen, Norway things to do checklist cannot be complete without visiting the nearby located Schøtstuene, that hosts elegant assembly rooms where the meetings of the merchants were held as they enjoyed dining in the Germanic style. It is truly one unique thing to admire! All the history buffs are sure to have a great time here.

4. Edvard Grieg Museum – Experience The Charm

This museum is built in a delightful swiss wooden villa, which was once an abode of Nina and Edvard Grieg. This museum is enveloped by aromatic and plummeting gardens alongside the Nordasvatnet lake. Open from 9 am to 6 am from May to Sep, and 10 am to 4 pm from Oct to Apr, it displays modish exhibition of the objects belonging to Grieg’s life. A worthwhile watch is Grieg’s Steinway piano, which is still used in concerts. Another thing to adore is its poetic ornamented veranda.

5. Bergen Fish Market – Relish The Flavors

One of the best things to do in Bergen, a visit to Bergen’s fish market is a must. It is located in the central harbor. Strolling through the market is one of the free things to do in Bergen. You will be taken aback to see an array of shellfish and smoked fish. The exclusive thing in this fish market is the whale meat, which you will not find at many places.

There are also the kiosks of a variety of Norwegian snacks and lunches. You can either pick the parcel or enjoy the delicacies there itself. The fish soup and the freshest ever fish and chips are drool-worthy. The best thing is that these stalls are open till late.

6. Bergenhus Fortress – Witness The History Of Norway

Situated at the entrance of Bergen harbor, this fortress is the oldest preserved stone fortifications in Norway. The fort was built with an intention to safeguard the city, but today it has become a crowd-puller and an exciting place of interest. One of the best places to visit in Norway, it deserves to be visited on a sunny day. The fortress remains open from 11 am to 5 pm in the evening Monday to Sunday. So, take care of the timings whenever you plan your visit.

7. The Royal Palace – Gamlehaugen

Another entry to the best things to do in Bergen county is a trip to Gamlehaugen. It is a royal mansion in Bergen which was once home to the Norwegian Royal Family. You will step into Gamlehaugen thinking it to be a French and Scottish construct, but the striking contrast of the exterior and interior will surprise you. The adornment and the fixtures of this palace are evocative of the aristocracy. The lush park around Gamlehaugen is embellished with pretty flowers and beautiful trees where you can enjoy swimming and walking.

8. Olav Kyrres Gate – Torget

A list of what to do in Bergen is incomplete without the shopping spree. Right from big branded stores to small niche stores, Bergen offers the tourists a distinguishing shopping experience. Olav Kyrres Gate, Torget is the heart of Bergen’s shopping area that hosts popular shopping malls like Kloverhuset, Galleriet, and StorCenter. Get hold of some beautiful souvenirs here to take back home from your trip to Bergen.

9. Fjord Cruise

One of the best ways to explore the natural wonders of Norway is by taking a cruise. Bergen is located on the southern coast of Norway and you are in for a treat since there are a number of cruises in Bergen. Visit the longest fjord in Norway and the smallest castle in Bergen on the day cruise. Along with that, explore the nearby towns and cities which are equally magnificent. It is definitely one of the best things to do in Bergen, Norway on your trip here.

10. Bergen Aquarium

This is the largest aquarium in Norway and visiting the aquarium is one of the unique things to do in Bergen, Norway. The aquarium houses from sea lions to crocodiles and exotic species of fishes and snakes. If you are looking for things to do in Bergen, Norway with kids, then this is one place you can head to. The ambiance is friendly and there are quite a lot of locals who you might come across at the aquarium. The aquarium also has feed feeding slots and shows that tourists can enjoy.