Explore Bergen - A Destination To Behold

Discover some of the stunning natural scenery in Fjord Norway

With GaryBrosen Guided Trips

Spend a day or more in the great outdoors of western Norway with GaryBrosen!

Appreciate why many people consider Bergen to be the most beautiful city in the country.

Experience the best of the Norwegian fjords, mountains, and valleys with GaryBrosen!

Travel through the Norwegian countryside by road, rail, and water, and admire amazing panoramic views.

Tour Briefing

The Vidden Trail is one of Bergen’s most rewarding day hikes, a mountaintop trail that runs from peak to peak, between Mt Ulriken and Mt Floyen. On this tour, ride the cable car (own expense) to the top of Mt Ulriken and set out on a guided half-day hike along the famous trail. Along the way, admire spectacular views over the mountains and fjords around Bergen, and stop to enjoy a picnic lunch (bring your own) on the mountaintop.

You Will Get

- Guided hike along the Vidden Trail to Mt Floyen

- Stunning views from the top of Mt Ulriken

- Moderate-level 8mi (13km) hike from peak to peak

- Small-group tour with a maximum of 10 people

Guided Full-Day Tour To Nærøyfjord And Flåmsbanen

Tour Briefing

Embark on a 1-day tour of Norwegian's countryside which takes you through some of the most beautiful sceneries. Experience the Nærøyfjord, one of the narrowest fjords in the world and travel by road, rail, and water while admiring the panoramic views.

You Will Get

- Experience a guided tour to Nærøyfjord & Flåmsbanen from Bergen

- Take a bus trip down the dramatic Stalheimskleiva to Gudvangen and see the beautiful Tvindefossen Waterfall

- Explore Nærøyfjord and Aurlandsfjord on an all-electric ferry called the Future of The Fjords

- Enjoy one of the most beautiful train journeys in the world on the Flåm Railway

Natural Experience In Bergen

Take A Funicular To The Best City Panorama

Take a funicular called Fløibanen to Mount Fløyen. Bergen is surrounded by seven mountains, which gives you a great opportunity to view a city panorama from one of them.

Go Kayaking In A Fjord

The favored thing to do in the fjords is kayaking. Being between huge majestic mountains in the bay with transparent green or blue water, you feel quite insignificant compared to the power of nature.

Hiking To Mount Fløyen

See the mountains surrounding Bergen and experience something typically Norwegian; a walk in the mountains. Hike through the forest and along the hills to awe at the beautiful views and nature.

Garry Brosen,
CEO and a Founder.